Saturday, February 26, 2011

Muesli Florentines

I awoke this morning to the sound of rain on my roof - my plans for going to the local Air Show melted like icecream on a hot day.   A basket of ironing sat in the corner begging for attention.   Meh!  Instead I decided to make a tempting treat to take to the hospital for my Mum who has totally lost her appetite.   After years of experience enticing small children to eat all kinds of healthy foods I'm back to that stage with an elderly parent.  Mum was always fond of Muesli for breakfast and I found a delicious and nutritious recipe on our favourite bircher muesli packet.    I deviated a little from the original in that I made individual florentines and kept them a little healthier by only using a small amount of chocolate on top rather than a whole layer.   Yes, you still get that little choc-a-holic 'high' but without the zillion kilojoules.

The bircher museli we eat is full of wholegrain oats with 40% mixed fruit, seeds and nuts (and only 5g of fat per 100g).  I'm sure there are similar products in your supermarket.  I love the mix of sultanas, dates, currants, apple, papaya, apricots and hazlenuts.   They add colour to the Florentines too.

Muesli Florentines

1/2 cup Brown Sugar
2 Eggs
3 tbs Golden Syrup
3 tbs Margarine
1 tsp Baking Powder
3 Cups Swiss Bircher Muesli
Cooking Chocolate

1.  Preheat oven to 160 degrees (fan forced oven).  Grease and line a baking tray.
2.  Place brown sugar, eggs, golden syrup and margarine into a mixing bowl and using a wooden spoon, mix all ingredients until combined.
3. Add baking powder and muesli and mix with a wooden spoon until well combined.
4. Place tablespoons of florentine mixture onto baking tray.   Shape into rounds and slightly flatten. 
Florentines can be as small or large as you prefer.
5.  Cook for 20-25 minutes - watch closely as ovens vary.  Cool
6.  Put choc pieces into a microwaveable bowl and microwave until melted. (Check every 30 seconds to see if chocolate is the right consistency).  
Florentines with just a hint of chocolate...mmmmmmm!
7.  Using a piping bag (I used a small syringe) pipe chocolate across Florentines.

With a name like 'Florentines' you'd expect them to have been invented in Florence however legend has it that they originated in Paris.  Wherever doesn't matter...these delicious treats are so easy to prepare and so delicious to devour - I guarantee they won't last long.

Keep smiling...

Annie xxx

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  1. My Mum passed away shortly after writing this... My blog will resume in 2012. x