Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Girdlebuster Pie or Coffee Ice Cream & Butterscotch Pie

Girdlebuster Pie
Whenever I think of Christmas I always think of children and the magic that surrounds this special time of year.  Perhaps it’s my own childhood memories - those warm summer nights, nativity plays at school, the sound of cicadas, the anticipation of Christmas stockings and I swear once I heard sleigh bells in the middle of the night.   I was 35 at the time so I know it was real and you can’t tell me any different…so there!

Christmas is also about family.  Next weekend we have TBG’s family coming for lunch – I’m guessing around 30.   It’s always good fun and every year there’s a new baby – 2010 is no exception.   With only 5 days to go I thought it time to start cooking so today I commenced with a very special dessert that has absolutely NOTHING to do with kids.  

I was watching Nigella’s Christmas Special the other week and I saw her prepare this amazingly decadent dessert.  Seeing that this is the season of over-indulging, I thought…why not!   The name of the dessert is a warning in itself:


Whilst this is a very appropriate name I don’t think it really does this scrumptious pie justice so I’m renaming it ‘Coffee Ice Cream &  Butterscotch Pie’.
I used a delicious coffee ice cream flavoured with Grand Marnier and choc coated coffee beans & almonds

It’s basically a delicious pie crust containing chunks of milk & dark chocolate, layered with coffee ice cream and topped with a heavenly butterscotch sauce laced with bourbon.   Sorry kids, Auntie Ann will do something special for you but this one is definitely a dessert for grown ups!

I googled ‘Girdlebuster Pie’ as I couldn’t find Nigella’s recipe only to find literally hundreds of recipes on the net with that name.  Apparently it’s an old American favourite that used to be served at Diners in the ‘50s.   Sounds like it’s making a comeback!     I believe this recipe can be found in Nigella's Christmas Cookbook

This is one of the most popular versions of the Girdlebuster:


375g    digestive biscuits (I used McVities from England available in Woolies)
100g    chocolate pieces (dark or light or both)
75g      softened unsalted butter


1 litre tub of coffee ice cream

Butterscotch Topping:

300g golden syrup
100g light muscovado sugar
¼ teaspoon Maldon salt or pinch of table salt
75g unsalted butter
30ml tablespoons bourbon
125ml double cream


In a food processor, whizz the biscuits, chocolate and butter until it resembles damp sand.  Carefully press crumbs evenly over the base and sides of a pie dish.  Place in the freezer for an hour to harden.
In the meantime, take your ice cream from the freezer and pop it into the fridge to soften SLIGHTLY.  This doesn’t take long.  Once softened, spread over the biscuit base and return your pie to the freezer.

This pie keeps in the freezer for 6 months if wrapped in cling wrap then foil.

Whilst the old guy with the white beard is sorting out who’s been naughty and who’s been nice, this dessert definitely falls into both categories,



Naughty but Nice

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  1. you forgot to put the butterscotch on top .